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Interior & Exterior Signs for All Your Business Needs!

InteriorTech Sign Company has been proudly serving the nation’s premier interior and exterior businesses since 1990. With our Philadelphia headquarters, we are devoted to helping organizations both locally and around the country with signs made from a variety of materials.

Our portfolio showcases the impressive work we have done, from Painted and Metal Laminated Acrylic Letters to Water Jet Cut Metal Letters and everything in between. From Cast Metal Plaques and Illuminated Channel/Halo Lit LED Letters to Carved and Sandblasted Signs, ADA Compliant Signs, Building Directories, and Directional Signs, our expertise is vast. Additionally, we specialize in office signs, building identification signs, Engraved and Etched Signs, Name Plates, Awnings, Barricades and Enclosures, and Screen Printed Signs.

Unsure what type of signage best fits your needs? Get in touch with us today for your complimentary and competitive quote; we look forward to helping you achieve success.

You can reach us at
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Social Distancing Products

Interior Tech is excited to provide customers with a comprehensive range of products designed to maintain social distancing, prevent the spread of COVID-19, and promote a safe and healthy workplace. Such products include

Get everything you need to get back to business safely with Interior Tech!

Signs That Sell

Not only will we make your sign look great, we will make sure it’s effective! Signage is a very unique part of your branding and among other considerations it needs to send the right emotional message. Read more about that here.

Yes, We Can Make That Kind of Sign!

At InteriorTech Sign Company, we specialize in offering professional signage solutions for various types of establishments. Whether you are looking for acrylic, metal, acrylic panels, metal laminated panels, painted acrylic letters, water jet cut letters, or ADA compliant signs, you can rest assured that we are equipped with the most advanced technologies and highest-quality craftsmanship to handle any project. Plus, we also produce standalone signs with dimensional letters.

Our portfolio showcases the quality of our work, which can be seen in office signs, building identifications, apartments & condominiums, churches & synagogues, government buildings, hospitals & medical offices, restaurants & retail stores, and even schools & universities.

For unbeatable value and quality signage, look no further! Get in touch with us now to get started on your project with a free, competitive quote.

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Amazing Sign Design Work.

Your sign speaks for you!

InteriorTech Sign Company knows how important your business branding and signage are. We work diligently to carry your branding perfectly into your signage. After all, your sign is going to be representing you for years to come, so it needs to be exactly right.

You can trust us to successfully make the jump from your existing branding and logo to your signage.

To schedule an appointment, or to learn more about our signage services, contact us today.

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Sign company reviews

Wow!! The sign looks great especially at night. Dr. Burton and I are very pleased. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service that you provided. The time care and expertise in which you handled our project is appreciated. My only question is… are we special or do all of your clients receive this treatment.

Diane Cohen-Burton

Ira is a true pleasure to work with. He’ll bring your concept to life without losing focus of the budget. His craftsmanship and attention to detail make Ira a true professional. I enjoy doing business together and recommend him highly.

Christopher Hanlon

InteriorTech Sign Company helped to bring my idea to life for our company sign. They were able to listen to my needs and address them specifically. They even come up with a solution to my request for a lighted sign with a special acrylic that can illuminate at night but is black in the daylight. It is an excellent quality sign, the installation process was easy. Any concerns were addressed promptly and now we have a new sign to match our new building renovations.

Brenda Fisher

A dependable and reasonable company with a great reputation of good customer service. Highly recommend for any type of business looking for signage for their business.

Ryan L. Alexander


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    227-A McClellan Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19148-1918

    Recent Posts

    InteriorTech, based in the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a sign company with an impressive reputation for crafting exceptional eye-catching signage. A powerhouse in the signage industry, InteriorTech has earned its name through unparalleled dedication to design, quality, and customer satisfaction. From traditional signs to contemporary aesthetics, they utilize a broad array of specialized materials, including acrylic, metal, and LED, to bring the vision of their clients to life. In a city known for its rich history and vibrant culture, InteriorTech stands as a beacon of innovation, merging art and function in every project they undertake.

    What sets InteriorTech apart from its competitors is its extraordinary mastery of various materials. Their acrylic signs are an exquisite blend of simplicity and sophistication, offering a clean, modern look that makes a bold statement. On the other hand, their metal signs exude strength and durability while providing a distinct, classic touch. With LED technology, InteriorTech breaks traditional barriers, transforming static signage into dynamic, captivating displays that draw the attention of passersby night and day.

    InteriorTech's impressive portfolio doesn't end with exterior signage. Recognizing the importance of wayfinding and identity inside buildings, they have perfected the art of interior signing. They create building directories that are not only functional but also become a part of the architectural identity of the buildings they grace. This Philadelphia sign company has been crucial in transforming indoor spaces, making navigation effortless while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of numerous businesses and establishments.

    The company also offers a comprehensive range of external solutions like custom awnings, which blend practicality with design appeal. More than just protective structures, these awnings become an integral part of the building facade, reflecting the brand's identity while creating a memorable impression. Made from durable materials and designed to withstand varying weather conditions, these awnings exemplify InteriorTech's commitment to quality and longevity.

    In essence, InteriorTech is more than just a sign company; they are architects of visual communication. As a seasoned veteran in the signage industry, they understand that signs are not merely informative tools, but powerful branding elements. Their ability to weave creativity with technology, while incorporating client requirements, has positioned them at the forefront of the industry. In Philadelphia and beyond, InteriorTech is the trusted partner for businesses seeking to make a lasting visual impact.

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