Acrylic Letters & Logos

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  • Acrylic letters are available painted in a rich glossy, matte or low satin finish.
  • Painted acrylic letters are also available with a Neo-Plex finish. Please see our Neo-Plex section.
  • Acrylic letters are available with metal facing. Please see our Metalike™ Section.
  • Click HERE to View Some of Our Metal Finishes
  • Acrylic letters are excellent for Interior or Exterior use.
  • Acrylic letters are easily mounted with double-sided tape, or certain thicknesses can be precision stud mounted with spacers for a projected or “floating” effect.
  • Acrylic letters are available in sizes ranging from 2″ up to 30″ high.


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InteriorTech Acrylic Signs

InteriorTech offers a great selection of acrylic panel signs, acrylic letters and more! At our professional sign company, we work hard to create high-quality signs that do more than simply market your organization or business. We strive to create unique signs that will stand out from the rest.

Not only do these signs look great, but they are extremely durable. We offer our acrylic letters in rich glossy, matte or a low satin finish depending on your preference. You can also take advantage of our extra finishing options like Neo-Plex and metal facing. With additions like Neo-Plex, you have the opportunity to make your acrylic signs stand out more than usual. This high-quality finishing technique will help to create a sign that you will be excited to display around your business. You can browse our site today to learn more about this finishing technique and the other customization options that we have available.

In addition to our finishing options, we can also outfit your signs with metal facing. If you would like more details about our metal facing service for acrylic signs, you can check out the Metalike section on our site. For your convenience you will even be able to view complete galleries of some of our previous projects. Whether you choose a Neo-Plex finish, Metalike metal facing, or you just want a standard sign, our products are available in sizes from 2” up to 30” high.

Any time you purchase acrylic signs from the professionals at InteriorTech, you can trust us to place your needs before all else. We strive to offer low prices, fast shipping, and excellent service tailored to your needs. We are here to help any time you need a brand new sign for your business or organization. Simply let us know what type of acrylic sign you are looking for and we can design and build it in no time.

For the custom design of interior and exterior business signs, there is no better option than our acrylic letters. No matter where you plan to place these signs around your building, you can easily mount them with double-sided tape or even stud mount them with spacers. These are just some of the ways you can use our acrylic signs to enhance your business. Contact our professional sign company today to learn more!

To schedule an appointment, or to learn more about our signage services, contact us today.

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