Distinguish Your Business with Neo-Plex Signage

InteriorTech Sign Company offers Neo-Plex signage, which uses a plastic-coating on cutout letters, graphics, plaques and more. Neo-Plex gives signage a “wet look” to the letters, making them lively and bold-looking. Shiny and slick are two good adjectives to further describe the Neo-Plex signage “look.”


Thanks to modern-day advances in technology and manufacturing equipment, Neo-Plex signage gets finished with a microwave-type process, ensuring uniformity, drying and bonding for any desired color or height size. In addition, fluorescent or Formica laminates can be applied to the letters for vibrancy. These signs really “pop” and grab people’s attention.


Neo-Plex signage is fairly new, and quite popular, often seen as a breakthrough in dimensional letter signage. InteriorTech Sign Company keeps quite busy making several Neo-Plex signs for companies and businesses around the country, including the Blackstone Grille in Jacksonville, FL, and Hawaii Dermatology in Honolulu, HI. Neo-Plex signs are often mounted with painted spacers, laminated wood panels, or backlit aluminum panels, catching people’s attention in a sleek, stylish way.


When you need architectural signage and/or corporate signage, InteriorTech Sign Company can get the job done quickly and reliably. Consider using the Neo-Plex look—talk with a company representative at (215) 468-7770 to find out details about Neo-Plex signage. It’s a smart look.


Neo-Plex represents a convergence of new century technology-meets-style-meets-function. Indeed, the popularity of Neo-Plex is growing, especially for those who want to have an upscale presentation of their name and/or brand image to customers.



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