Freestanding Signs

Coronavirus signs allow a business to share important health and safety information. Providing individuals with pertinent information is as important as ever. Signs warn, educate, alert, inform, and direct. Our freestanding signs are the perfect option for areas where there is not adequate wall space to hang a sign or where a larger freestanding sign will make a greater impact.

All of our freestanding sign options are portable and can be quickly and easily moved from one area to the next as needed. Make sure everyone in your facility is aware of what they can do to help prevent COVID-19 by placing these signs throughout the workplace.


  • 33.00″ wide x 78.00″ high
  • Requires very little assembly
  • Lock the poles in place and then attach the banner
  • Printed on vinyl
  • Smooth and water-resistant finish
  • Wide aluminum base for extra support
  • Portable and easy to transport

This is a great option allowing for the ability to switch out the
graphic banner as the stages and messaging of COVID-19 changes
or to add a branding or marketing message.


If the freestanding signs on these pages do not meet your size
requirements or if you have the need for a specific type of sign, please
contact us for options and for a quote.
Consider all the areas of a building where signs are needed. This
includes entrances and exits, reception desks, cafeterias, breakrooms,
conference rooms, restrooms, and elevators or stairs.


  • 22.00″ wide x 60.00″ high
  • Requires very little assembly
  • Lightweight and strong, but portable and effective
  • Ships flat
  • Tool-free assembly

*A-frame design may vary based on availability of materials

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