3 Sure-Fire Ways to Draw Traffic to Your Company Blog

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Everyone with a website has felt it at some point or another the craving for traffic. The craving hits once you've got your first few visitors with great things to say about you. You soon start spending your free time scheming on ways to lure more visitors to your site. You start poring over articles such as this one. You become a traffic-hungry monster of sorts.

But if your earnings depend on your website traffic, it becomes even more urgent. You don't have the time to make mistakes. If you have an e-Commerce website that depends on traffic, or a small business which you largely promote online, you have to know the shortcuts, the methods that work best and those that don't. Of the many web traffic-magnets out there, here are 5 tried and tested ways of making sure your site gets the hits you need.

1. Choose the target most likely to share your content.

Online marketers will tell you that the best kind of audience to target your content is the kind that is most likely to share it and spread the word. The social influencers, the ones that are most active on social media are the best targets.

The potential consumers of your blog or website content are not only those who are interested in what you are selling, but also those who may be most receptive to your points of view, your style of writing etc. Of these, there are some who are passive readers. While it's okay to target this passive group, if you want to spread the word, your target should be those who are active, content sharers on social media, with accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google + etc. Of these, there are those who are especially heavy content distributors.

So how do you identify the people most likely to share your content? Social media and online communities are great places to start. Identify communities that may be most interested in what you have to say and join them.

2. Join communities where your audience hangs out.

If you're selling energy drinks, then it would be a waste of time and resources if you happen to be drawing plenty of senior citizens to your website. Your ROIs is likely to be much higher if you target a demographic of young athletes.

You don't need to spend the billions that Madison Avenue advertisers do on market research when you have social media. Google Search will tell you which communities, forums, blogs or websites some of your audience hangs out at. Join these communities, make yourself known, and soon people will be visiting your blog or website, interested in what you have to say.

3. Use Social Media to find new targets.

Facebook crossed the 1 billion user mark last year. According to the @twitter stream, there are more than 200 million active monthly Twitter users. That's a huge chunk of potential market out there for you, depending on what you are selling.

So how do you find the social media users who are most likely to be interested in you? Leveraging these social networks needs patience, observation and attention to any changes on the sites. You should also be aware of what content to share on each platform, and how to share it.

Create a personal account as well as a brand account on the basic four social media sites that almost anyone who is anyone is on. The big four are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. Make sure to fill out your profiles as much as possible. The more info you provide, the more successful your account is likely to be, as per research.

Once you've done that, connect with the people that you already have contact with on other sites. These may be personal or professional contacts. Next, start following people who you may look up to in your industry, or people whose words you are interested in, as well as your clients and partners. Also connect to the social influencers.

Later, start sharing your own content. You can share your own content, as well as that of industry professionals, or anything that you think can possibly go viral and be shared by others. Make sure you interact a lot. You can use searches and hashtags to find conversations that interest you, and then simply jump in. Social networks are excellent tools for building brand images, and giving you credibility as a 'real' face behind a brand.

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