nothing seems wrong with the voodoo spells and black magick dealer. ...

nothing seems wrong with the voodoo spells and black magick dealer. They clearly accept credit cards, have a lot of content explaining why they are in a position to help me, and they claim to have a 30 day money back guarantee. The spells page clearly lists the price range is between 100 and 400 USD. Each spell offered on the spell menu has a link to the "contacts" page. Here is where the red flags begin.

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  • The page is asking me to email a random GMAIL account all of my personal information.
  • This page also states, at the caster's discretion, anyone which is a waste of time will not receive as much time as another paying customer.

So at this stage the possibilities are...

I could be giving my information to an identity thief

I could be a victim of price discrimination as other customers might be charged the same amount or less for more hours of labor.

Or I suppose there's a chance the caster could be legitimate, right? Let's explore more!

The email address is telling me to email my personal information to is: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . After emailing this address and revealing a similar story of my own, with false name and dates of birth, "Your devoted Samuel" responded with some generic, template email including background information, policies and prices. Although I cannot verify if multiple purchases are made within one week, i can verify that Samuel claimes to be able to start immediately for 4 different email decoys all within one day and sent the same template to each address.The email also states I should not tell anyone about the work. This is a very common myth about spellwork. It is moreso a ploy by this caster to prevent anyone from telling the person to get their money back. It is a typical manipulative move, a fear-inducing move used to control the client.

The options are wonderful! I can choose a price of 475 which is greater than even on the original spells page! After emailing Samuel back from one address and asking how long the spell would take, I was told "about 4-6 weeks" to which I replied "if after 6 weeks have passed by, I ask for my money back, would you return it to me without a problem on this very day requested?"

The response was "Yes, of course."

On the website, there are numerous "banners" and "stickers" exclaiming that I have a 30 day money back guarantee.

However, on one particular page we find this gem...

What does this mean?

This means, not only is the "guarantee" immediately being disclaimed by the company as long as the client cannot claim dissatisfaction due to communication. In other words, as long as the caster replies by EMAIL to at least ONE of your emails after you pay, they are free of liability to give you your money back. even further, the company is disclaiming any guarantee on the spell because it is impossible to guarantee authentic work. So wait... All these money back guarantee stickers and then a hidden link leads to a page disclaiming all money back guarantees. I guess they are in the clear! Or so they think....

There are certain elements that are present in deception....

First there must be something that misleads a customer, such as leading a customer to believe a guarantee exists when in fact it does not.

Second, examining the case from the position of the consumer will change view of the situation, or in this case, a consumer seeing comfort and product-confidence, with many indications that their money is invested with a guarantee, when in fact it is not.

Finally, if the representation of a guarantee, such as the one implied on Samuels' website led a customer to purchase the product.

So basically you can count on not getting your money back from this site, nor can you count on results!

6 Rip off reports with people claiming no results and no refund. There's more scam reports on Samuel through other websites as well!

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