Life style design, becoming an Internet entrepreneur or simply a business owner

Whether you call it life style design or becoming an Internet entrepreneur or simply a business owner, the goal is the same, create real value and sell it. If you are pursuing your passions and as many successful entrepreneur have said, the key is really the value partthe money will follow. That being said, most of the business or entrepreneur advice is about building an Internet community and audience, giving away awesome free content and then monetizing that site and creating passive income.

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This is only one of hundreds of way to create a business but since their are so many pod-casts, blogs and business books on doing just that, it gets most of the attention. Have you noticed that much of the advice / coaching is pretty much a unique spin on the same advice?

Sometime you need to take the road less traveled (thank you Robert Frost) and go with one of those other ways of creating a businessso why not try a physical product. Not every one can be a business coach and not everything you try will work.

What does it take to create a physical product? Again it is all about value, fulfilling a real need of your customers or solving a problem or simply making their life easier (save their time, reduce cost, protect their loved ones, etc.).

You need to start with your target customerremember you cannot afford to market to everyone so make it narrow and deep. So in this exercise, picture the person that is your ideal customer, maybe they are like you or someone you know. Name that person if you like and ask yourself if they would want to buy that product you end up creating? If the answer is yes, then you are on the correct path. For every business decision you make, ask yourself if it will create your target customer or directly benefit your bottom line. If the answer no, then don't do it or change what you are about to do.

Don't create any products until you define your Niche.

So why start with your audience in mind? If you don't your product will be hard to sell. It is much easier to develop a product for an existing market then it is to develop a new market. It doesn't mean the latter is not possibleit is just easier. It also help if you understand the target market, so start your search with your own Interests, hobbies, passions, needs, wants, etc. What makes you happy (activitiesthink actions)? What pisses you off the most or is simply annoying? What books or magazines do you currently or historically subscribed to?

Brain vomit everything you can think of on a piece of paper and don't worry about how insane something may sound.

Everything you write down is a potential niche market.

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