Small Business Grants in Ohio

Most small business owners would not pass up the opportunity to receive a free grant from the government, and it is this demand that makes federal business grants so rare. The official small business office of the United States government, the U.S. Small Business Administration, has the ability to award grants, but has extremely specific guidelines for eligibility. Most small businesses in Ohio, and throughout the United States, do not qualify.

Put very simply, the requirements of the SBA grant awarding system are that small businesses must demonstrate commercially viable innovation. So, for example, retail businesses would not qualify, but a small business that was carrying out research into innovative agricultural practises would.

Additional eligible industries include:

  • transport
  • education
  • energy

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There are two programs that specify which small businesses are suitable for federal grants. They are known as Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer.

Financial assistance is only one of the requirements of small business owners in Ohio. They also often need advice on issues such as business regulations, taxes, licenses, and permits. They might also need training in managing accounts or utilizing technology. These are just some of the services to be offered by the staff at the following organizations.

Ohio Business Gateway

The purpose of the Ohio Business Gateway is to make state resources available to small business owners. This official initiative of the Ohio state office provides a huge amount of information, for example:

  • advice on how to stay compliant with state business regulations
  • advice on obtaining all required licenses and permits, as well as paying taxes
  • help with finding employees, as well as information on employment law

Ohio Small Business Development Centers

There are forty-one Small Business Development Centers in Ohio, each of which is staffed by trained and certified business advisers. Each center can offer tailored, confidential business counseling and training, all at zero cost to the business owner. Specific examples of the types of assistance available include:

  • quality based assessments of current business practises with a view to making improvements
  • guidance with applying for various loans and financial packages
  • information on business assistance programs at a local, state, and national level
  • advice on complying with regulations at a local, state, and national level

Ohio Small Business Association

The Ohio Small Business Association has been monitoring the needs of Ohio small businesses since 1978, with a view to creating solutions to problems and generating growth. OSBA membership provides:

  • business to business discounts through the Associated Buying Cooperative
  • a platform for voicing concerns and opinions to policy makers in Ohio
  • access to various insurance and workers compensation packages

Running a successful small business can be very difficult, and help is usually greatly appreciated. It is important to highlight the work done by business assistance programs and organizations, even if they do not provide the free grants that business owners often badly need.

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