Leading the campaign for Senator Hope Uzodimma's reelection

Dr. C.C. Osuala, former member of the house of representatives who represented Nkwerre-Njaba-Nwangele and Isu Federal Constituency and currently the director general of the Senator Hope Uzodinma campaign organization, recently spoke to a group of journalists on issues concerning the senatorial election in Orlu Zone.

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You are leading the campaign for Senator Hope Uzodimma's reelection, what are the issues?

The issues are that against the back drop of the challenges face by Orlu zone in terms of infrastructure, human capacity development and leadership, Senator Uzodinma has demonstrated a good flair for leading the zone in successfully tackling the challenges. He has shown that he has the capacity to properly comprehend the complex issues of national politics and how to make his constituency key in meaningfully to see and be seen. We cannot throw away the experience and exposure he has garnered. If as a first time Senator he was seen by the leadership of the Senate as capable of heading the committee on Aviation which in an 'A' Ministry, it means that those at the helm of affairs in Abuja recognized some innate qualities in him. And going by the accomplishments of the President Jonathan administration in the aviation sector, credit must be given to the Senate Aviation committee for being able to carry out over sight functions, especially in terms of ensuring that funds appropriated are judiciously used Today, every well meaning Nigerian acknowledges that all the twenty two airports in the country are now of world standard. The world highest authority on the standard of airports has certified the airports as grade A category, which means that local flights can take off and land safely in those airports and those certified as international airports can also carry out the same functions.

The situation was not so before Uzodinma became the chairman of the Aviation committee. In contrast, those angling to dethrone him and who have senatorial exposure chaired committees that are still enmeshed in crisis. Our brother, Senator Osita Izunaso, chaired the committee on Oil and Gas but we are all witnesses to the crisis that sector is enmeshed in. That shows that he did not do a good job. Not a single legislation on how to improve the sector passed through the Senate let alone going to the Presidency for assent. So, God forbid that the APC candidate is elected again because that will mean throwing Orlu back to the dark ages.

So, how does Senator Uzodinma rank among the contenders?

Right now, informal public opinion rate him over 75 percent among the electorate made up of students, market women and men, the clergy, artisans etc.

Apart from Senator Izunaso whom you have mentioned, Senator Uzodinma is also being challenged by at least to other candidates who are considered formidable. What's your take?

Yes, we have Hon. Thank-God Ezeani and Chief Felix Idiga who are both illustrious sons of Orlu. But the sum total of their political experience and accomplishment is minute and totally insignificant compared to what Senator Uzondinma has done. These candidates are merely asking to be given an opportunity. They are not yet tested by the people. But we have a fellow who has already demonstrated the capacity to perform. As they say, in life you start from the known to the unknown. Senator Uzodinma provided the people of the zone with unparalleled opportunities in the area of employment and empowerment. He has provided meaningful and professional jobs to over 500 graduates who are indigenes of the zone. This can be confirmed from the Federal Character Commission. These are federal jobs which he compelled the Commission to offer Orlu zone indigenes because of the disparity between the zone and others. Senator Uzodinma through his self employment programme has given out over 200 keke, over 100 buses, over 500 sewing machines as well as over 400 motor cycles to indigenes of the zone to make them remain self employment.

This empowerment programme is unprecedented in Orluzone and a record in Imo state. Thirdly, through the Senator Hope Uzodinma Education Foundation, he has provided scholarships to young men and women who have need for higher education but lack the parental backing. Senator Uzodinma's motto on education is predicated on the pronouncements of the German philosopher, Goethe, who said, If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. In the area of infrastructure, Senator Uzodinma has attracted the patronage of the Niger Delta Development Commission to the zone. There is hardly any Local Government Area in the zone where the NDDC has not constructed roads, educational buildings or provided electricity transformers as well as computers for schools.

Uzodinma has built an Ultra Modern headquarters for Orlu Council of Traditional Rulers, where the monarchs stay to preside over the affairs of the zone under a conducive atmosphere. To make it possible for the people of the zone to move with ease, Senator Uzodinma created a transport network that reduced fares to the cheapest level all over the state.

Recently, Senator Izunaso was quoted as saying that Senator Uzondinma did not win the 2011 election. What's your response to that?

If Senator Izunaso made such a statement, then either he is suffering from selective amnesia or he does not believe in the rule of law and the judiciary. A court of competent jurisdiction ruled that Senator Uzodinma won the election and there is even a Supreme Court ruling upholding the verdict of the lower court. Anybody can go and verify that. You see, gone are the days when a candidate can lie to the people in order to get cheap popularity, which is the stock in trade of Senator Izunaso. If he cannot acknowledge the ruling of the courts, it shows that he is not capable of serving in the hallowed chambers of the senate. This is because no sensible legislator will have the effrontery to condemn the ruling of a properly constituted court. The primary function of the legislature is to make laws which are interpreted by the judiciary. The electoral laws we're made by the legislature and we're interpreted infavour of Senator Uzodinma.

By that statement, Senator Izunaso has disqualified himself from seeking the people's mandate to serve them. With such a mind set, Senator Izunaso does not possess the intellectual and legislative temperament to serve Imo state at that level and at this point in our political and democratic journey, to vote for such a person is a risk the people cannot afford.

So, you are quite optimistic that your candidate will make it?

Yes I am quite optimistic. There can be no doubt about that. The people of Orlu zone have already said so and I trust them. Our people do not beat about the bush. Check out at our rallies and you will see that the generality of Orlu zone is behind Senator Uzodinma's reelection

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