Save Money on Your Energy Bill with Awnings

Many people think awnings are meant for keeping people out of the hot sun or pouring rain, but did you know they’re also very good at helping you save money on your building’s energy bills?


According to The Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA), studies show that fabric awnings can save homeowners up to $200 annually. Awnings help cool a home during a hot summer, therefore reducing the need for energy-sucking air conditioners to work so hard at cooling a place. If this holds true for homes, it makes sense that it’s true for offices and businesses as well.


If more homes and offices had awnings, whole communities could reduce their overall energy use. Indeed, having an awning installed on your older home or office building is a smart way to “retrofit” it, making it more energy efficient.


Awnings help keep the sun’s direct rays out of people’s living rooms and other places in the home or office. They help reduce the load on an air conditioner by about 20%. The good news is awnings are beneficial in all 50 states– not just the hottest, sunniest ones. A home in Philadelphia, for instance, stands to save money using awnings just like a home in Phoenix would.


InteriorTech Sign Company of Philadelphia can install attractive awnings on/above your office or home windows, helping you reduce overall energy costs. In addition, InteriorTech is able to offer a wide variety of awning colors and styles to choose from, as well as including graphics on them and even illuminating them if desired.
Call (888) 311-1946 to find out more about InteriorTech Sign Company’s awning options.

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