How to Create the Perfect CV

When it comes to writing a CV it is important that is it kept simple and straight forward and easy to be seen. In a CV the main aim is to show the employer your suitability for the role with regards to your work experience, education and skills.

How you present information on a CV is of utmost importance. A CV mainly consists of between 3-4 sections, firstly the Profile/Personal Information then the Employment History followed by Education and Skills and finally References.

The Personal Information is the first section at the top of the CV, here you list all your personal information including your name, date of birth, address, telephone and mobile contact numbers and if possible an email address. If you are successful in the shortlisting process and we want to call you for an interview then we will have few options to get hold of you.

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Profile section provides a brief insight to your skills, experience and information regarding future ambitions. This is useful so that we can see what your aims are and what you aim to do in future employment.

The Education section comes next. In this section you list all your qualifications you have gained, beginning with the most recent first. Here it is important to list the qualifications in a simple way to provide us with simple and quick viewing.

Employment History comes after the Education section. A very important section because it provides us with an idea of the roles and duties which you have undertaken in past employment. It also provides an insight to your career trends and information of the types of jobs you have done. It also provides us with information about transferable skills that can be used for the advertised role.

Skills and Additional Information follows the Employment section and is an important sections of the CV. When tailoring the CV to the specific job as it can be varied to the role you are applying for. Here you can list all the skills and hobbies you may have that may provide an insight to your personal interests and also gives a brief idea of the type of person you are. Here you can also list other skills that you may have that have not been listed above including computer, ICT skills, first Aid and etc.

Finally you have the References section which is also important. In this section in contact details for your past employers and other people who may provide a character reference. This reference is to help the us gain more information regarding your performances at previous employments.

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