Don’t Forget About Signage Inside Your Business and Building

Have you ever walked into a building and felt totally lost? Who hasn’t?


Interior corporate signage is crucial to letting visitors know where to go once they enter the building, and when they’ve arrived at your office. You can’t just hope that people will find you—you’ve got to direct them and then reassure them with proper signage. Your logo/sign on the wall can clearly identify your business to your visitors.

 Client: PENN CENTER HOUSE: Philadelphia, PAStyle: Brushed Aluminum Water Jet Cut Letters & Logo

Interior Directories and Directional Signs help people navigate buildings and find their way to where they want to go. Imagine if the bathrooms had no signage? That’d be awkward. Or what if there were no exit signs? It would be like an episode of The Twilight Zone, with people wandering around like they were in a bad dream shouting, “Let me outta here!”


InteriorTech is a well-established company in the business of making signs, and interior signage is one of their specialties. Do you have a logo that needs to be on a wall? InteriorTech makes custom signage at a cost effective price to enable you to project the image you want to show and help people identify your brand and/or office. InteriorTech also makes way finding signs, ADA-Compliant Room Signs, and more—if you need an interior sign, InteriorTech can make it.


Painted Acrylic, Metal Laminated Acrylic and their specialty “Neo-Plex” are three materials InteriorTech uses to create Interior Corporate Signage. In addition, InteriorTech works with Fabricated and Water Jet Cut Metal Letters & Logos. InteriorTech can also place LED lights inside of Fabricated Letters for a Halo Lighting effect. InteriorTech has recently been producing Interior Illuminated Sign Boxes with Stencil Cut Faces backed up with acrylic. They can also make these Illuminated signs boxes with push through acrylic letters. The company’s consulting team works with you to determine the right material for your signage.


People need to see large and easy-to-read signs these days—there’s a lot of visual clutter going on and your company needs to stand-out. Your signage communicates your image and helps people find you. Call InteriorTech today at 215-468-7770 to discuss your Interior Signage needs.