How Illuminated Signs and Channel Letters Can Help Attract Attention To Your Business

In Philadelphia, during the majority of the year, it tends to get dark in the early evening and the sun doesn’t rise ‘til 7:30am or so the next morning. This is true of many cities and towns in the USA.


If you’re a business and your sign is not illuminated in some way, yet you’re open “after dark,” you could be missing out on a lot of business because people aren’t drawn to your poorly-lit place.


Illuminated signs and “channel letters” help attract attention to businesses when the weather is grim—you know—those cloudy/rainy/grey days, as well as at nighttime, when many people are on the streets, and the main thing they notice is lit-up signage. 

Client: PULSE TECHNOLOGIES: Quakertown, PA Style: Channel Letters & Reverse Channel Letters

Channel letters are especially popular these days—they’re the ones where every single letter in a word lights up in some way. Many grocery stores, malls, gas stations, and pharmacy chains use channel letters.


There are open-face channel letters, where lit-up neon tubing is exposed inside an aluminum shell shaped as a letter, and there are internally-lit (front lit) channel letters where the shell is covered with a colored acrylic face so the inner electrical parts don’t show. There are also reverse lit (aka halo lit) channel letters, where light comes from behind the letters rather than from the face of the letters. These make the off-the-wall mounted solid letters look like they have a glow around them. To top it off, if you want to get really cool and bold with your signage, go for the front/back lit channel letters, which combine internal and behind the letters lighting for a dramatic effect.


Channel letters have become the most common of all types of electric signs. While some manufacturers still utilize neon, the current and future sign industry seems to be dominated by LEDs, which are energy-efficient, produce almost no heat, and last a long time.


InteriorTech can supply and install illuminated signs as well as front lit/backlit channel letters for clients in the Philadelphia area, as well as elsewhere. Contact InteriorTech at 215-468-7770 today to discuss your needs.



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