What types of businesses or buildings should always have directory signage?

The first thing a person does when they enter an unfamiliar facility with various offices is to check the directory. This is one of the most important signs that can be placed in an office building or medical facility. Imagine walking into a new location to see your doctor, but you aren’t sure where to go? There isn’t always an information desk available to make the inquiry. If the visitor has serious medical issues, this delay could cause even further problems.


Of course, not just doctor’s office need signs like this, even though they are the most obvious. Any location that has more than one vendor or company in the same facility really should have directory signage prominently displayed.


One vendor will not want to display the information for another in the building, since that could be considered driving business out of their arms and into a competitor’s. Therefore, the tenancy management company or owner of the facility should arrange this.


Relevant information should include the office number, the level of the facility where the office can be located, and any proper nouns associated with the office. For doctor’s this will likely be the practice or physician name. For other companies their brand name would suffice.


However, businesses that house multiple offices within the same company should consider this type of signage as well! Visiting customers need to know where to go, so that they don’t try to get a service problem solved in the CEO’s office by mistake. While any good CEO would likely address that issue directly if needed, the best result would be found by first going to the appropriate office, and thus the right directions need to be indicated with a directory sign.


Directory signage is not only practical; it can also add a little panache to the interior of your building.  If you are interested in speaking with a professional about directory signage, be sure to contact InteriorTech Sign Company today.