Why You Should Have an Expert Make ADA Signs For Your Business or Organization

Interior Tech Pic InteriorTech Sign Company of Philadelphia can make proper ADA signs for your business or organization.


The term ADA refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires architectural signs to comply with certain guidelines so all people can identify features of a facility’s permanent rooms or spaces. The ADA makes sure that people with physical limitations have access to the same information people without disabilities have.


Most people assume ADA signs just mean Braille signage with raised characters for blind people to “read.” However, the ADA covers more than that, with the idea that people who have problems speaking, hearing, and/or physically moving their bodies from place-to-place need signage which informs them of what a room or space (such as a stair well) is used for, where its exits are, and other relevant information.


Permanent room ADA signs with raised Braille characters should be mounted at a height between 48 inches (minimum) and 60 inches (maximum) above the ground. For doorways, signs should be mounted on the strike side of the door, ideally, or the nearest adjacent wall. Signs can go on a door itself if the sign is mounted on the push side of the door swinging inward. That door needs to be one that automatically closes and doesn’t have any hold open device(s). You’ll find door-mounted ADA signs on restroom doors, hotel room doors, and fire exit doors.


There are a ton of specific guidelines that go into making proper ADA signs. Sign makers like InteriorTech Sign Company have to know about acceptable fonts, character heights and spacing, finish and contrast, and a myriad of other nitpicky things.


There’s no need for you to stress yourself out over ADA signage for your business or organization; give InteriorTech Sign Company a call at 215-468-7770 and they’ll help you fulfill your obligation to have the proper ADA signage that will benefit everyone.


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