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Why It’s Essential to Have a Nice Logo For Your Business

You judge others based on their appearance, even if you say you don’t. And you notice what kind of car they drive, or the house they live in. Meanwhile, when you go to the store, you look for certain brands, identified by their logos.   What separates amateurs from professionals is their overall look. And… Read More…

Distinguish Your Business with Neo-Plex Signage

InteriorTech Sign Company offers Neo-Plex signage, which uses a plastic-coating on cutout letters, graphics, plaques and more. Neo-Plex gives signage a “wet look” to the letters, making them lively and bold-looking. Shiny and slick are two good adjectives to further describe the Neo-Plex signage “look.”   Thanks to modern-day advances in technology and manufacturing equipment,… Read More…

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